Adopting Denver

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From bad to good

I adopted my dog Denver from the local SPCA when she was 18 months old. Now she is 9 years old. Denver was at the SPCA because her previous people moved away, abandoning Denver and her 8 puppies. Denver was left chained to the house. As well Denver was terrified of all men when I first adopted her. With me Denver lives an active life doing agility, swimming, hiking, running along side my bike and playing in her large fenced yard. Also she is no longer afraid of anything.

I would highly recommend adopting an adult mix breed dog. For several reasons; they are already house trained or learn very quickly, they usually don’t whine at night like puppies do, they can start obedience training immediately, they won’t grow bigger than you expected, they are already spayed or neutered, mixed breeds are healthier and they appreciate a good home if they came from a bad one.

As well it’s a generous act since a lot of adult dogs are not adopted quickly. For no other reason except they are not quite as cute as puppies and they end up spending months or years in shelters.


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