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Think carefully, choose wisely, love deeply – Choose Adoption

When you see a Choose Adoption Ribbon tied to a leash or a collar of a dog it identifies them as one of many adopted animals in your community!  Choose Adoption Ribbons are part of a national program developed by the CFHS to raise awareness about animal adoption across the country.

The goal of the Choose Adoption Ribbon project is increase the value of animal adoption so that more dogs find their forever homes.

FF-Mutt-tileSadly many people are still buying dogs (and other animals).   Many dogs are purchased through the internet which is full of uncertainty and provides no guarantees that you aren’t purchasing from a cruel puppy mill. Buying an animal comes at a high cost – it contributes to suffering in the form of disreputable breeders, unchecked breeding practices and puppy mills.

Adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue guarantees that you are not unknowingly buying from a puppy mill. Most importantly adopting animals helps save lives.

Get Involved

Tie a teal Choose Adoption Ribbon onto your animal’s leash or collar to identify them as one of the many incredible, loving, wonderful adopted dogs that are out there. 

Download a poster and hang it at your local dog park, pet food store or animal friendly café Choose Adoption Ribbon Poster

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