Fido’s 15 questions

“I’m so excited to find my new best friend! But I’ve heard some of you 2-leggers think us dogs can be demanding — clingy, even.  I like to think of us as devoted and loyal.

Now, I want to make sure we start things off on the right paw, so I’m gonna have to ask you some tough questions to see if you could really be my best friend!”

  1. They say I’m a “pack animal” and that means what I want most is companionship. Will you be there for me, every day? Will you give me affection and play with me regularly too?
  2. You won’t be allergic to me, right? That would really not be good, so please check that out first.
  3. Will you get me some cool toys, so I can amuse myself when you’re not home?
  4. I love to get out and explore, so will you take me for walks at least twice a day, rain or shine?
  5. I know you have to work so you can afford to pay for all my things. But if you have to go all day, we can spend time together in the evenings and week-ends, right?
  6. Or maybe you could get me a dog walker or send me to a doggy daycare to play during the day — yippee!!
  7. I’ll always sleep inside with you, right? Please don’t make me stay outside. (Unless I’m a Nordic breed like a husky, in which case I might prefer to be outside!)
  8. Do you have a safe, fenced backyard? If not, are you ready to take me for a walk every time I have to pee?
  9. If you live in an apartment or condo, am I allowed? I don’t wanna live undercover!
  10. Will you take me to school to teach me good manners so that everyone will like me? Maybe some cool tricks too. I really wanna be a good Fido.
  11. Will you provide me with appropriate chew toys to fulfill my urge to chew instead of wrecking your shoes?
  12. And you’re not a total clean freak, right? You won’t get mad at me if I shed a little (okay, a lot!) or I goober on your clothes?
  13. Will you groom me regularly, so my fur doesn’t get all tangled and matted? That can really hurt, ya know.
  14. Will you get me yummy, healthy food, and treats too, and a comfy bed, and toys? Did I already say toys? I love toys!
  15. Have you found me a doctor?  I hope it’s a really nice one who’ll give me regular checkups. You should check out pet insurance to help you budget for when I get sick or have accidents.

“I know, it’s a lot eh? But I’m so worth it! Plus I just think our relationship will be way better if we start it off being completely honest with each other about our needs. Don’t you?”

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