Finding unconditional love again!

Best Buddies!

Four years ago I was very depressed & devasted that I had just lost my best friend (my sweet Drucilla) of 11 years, 2 months prior. I could not think of anything else but her. I checked out Petfinder and got a response back from one shelter that the dog I was looking at was already taken, but they had another I might be interested in named Manny.

So off to Hamilton, Ont. we went. This little white rag-a-muffin met us with the foster parents at the door and was so calm and quiet. I thought great, a calm dog for a change. (Drucilla was a 118lb maniac). I picked him up and put him in my lap, they said I was the first person that he even had any interest in and that they were surprised he let me pick him up. I guess that was it. He picked me. We found out he had come from an Ohio high kill shelter. They think he may have been at a puppy mill or that he was abused. It also took us 2 weeks to name him, we finally chose Dexter, which fits him perfectly.

Dexter is still very anxious & nervous around strangers and other dogs. It is going to take time to get him to feel comfortable that no one is going to hurt him anymore, but we have all the time in the world. He is really a very sweet boy once he gets to know you. He even likes my two cats, brother Ty and sister Mia. When he got healthier, we found out he is not really a calm dog (he was very sick at the time), he is a crazy goof that makes us laugh & that he demands attention from us all the time. We just love him to pieces and he loves us right back UNCONDITIONALLY.

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