Finding your Fido

Dogs are for life. Think carefully. Choose wisely. Love deeply.

WARNING: Puppies are cute!

The reality is, all puppies are irrisistibly cute. You just can’t go and see puppies and not want to bring one home. This is why so many people end up getting a dog when they are not at all prepared, and why they get one from an irresponsible source. So, please take the time to do this right  – for your sake and to ensure you don’t support puppy mills and backyard breeders. Before you go and visit any puppies, be sure you’ve reviewed Considering a Fido.

A huge number of puppies sold in Canada originate from puppy mills and substandard breeders .  These places thrive because puppies are cute and uninformed people make impulse decisions!

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has developed Pet Sources Guidelines to help you learn about and recognize ethical sources.

Where do puppy mills sell their puppies?

Mostly through online classified websites, in newspaper classifieds and to pet stores. Many of them also have their own websites that show lovely pictures of home-raised puppies, when the reality is a deprived existence in dirty, crowded facilities. Learn more about Searching for Fido online.

How do you avoid puppy mills?

To make sure you’re not getting a dog from a puppy mill  or a bad breeder, stick to one of these two sources:

1. Adoption from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Wherever you live, chances are there are dozens of wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted from a humane society, SPCA, municipal pound or animal rescue group in your area. So, visit one of these adoption agencies or check to find one near you.  Learn more about adopting a pet.

2. Direct purchase from a responsible, caring breeder.

If you want to buy from a breeder, you must visit them to make sure they truly are a responsible, caring and ethical breeder. To learn specific details on what to look for and what to ask – and to read about Jasper and Logan – click here.

Beware of pet stores unless they are “satellite adoption sites” for humane societies, SPCAs, or animal rescue groups. Stores that sell dogs often get them from puppy mills or substandard breeders. Learn more about pet stores here.

All pet stores  will claim that the puppies they sell come from caring, reputable breeders. But truly responsible breeders want to meet potential buyers to make sure every puppy is placed in a suitable, caring home. For this reason, they would never sell their puppies to stores or brokers.


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