Fostering a puppy mill dog

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a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-1210″>My husband and I have recently had the honour and privilege of fostering a dog from a puppy mill in Quebec that was recently shut down. We were expecting him to be scared and timid but were shocked by his level of fear and the way his spirit was so obviously broken. For the first 5 days he had no interest in life, shook when we went near him and slept the days away. It was heartbreaking. He didn't even know what to do when we went outside for a walk- it was more of a drag. It enrages me that people do this to animals-that they show no compassion or kindness. These animals are broken and treated like objects. There needs to be tougher laws in place for this kind of abuse and the people who did this need to have the book thrown at them- they are ruining innocent lives. I am happy to say our foster is slowing coming out of his shell and is now showing interest in life. He needs a lot of patience and kindness and we are happy to give that to him. It has been so rewarding for us to see him come around and I hope more people think about fostering and adopting these dogs/animals that need us so badly


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