Help us stop puppy mills

How can you get involved and show you care?  Your VERY FIRST step is to sign the End Puppy Mills Pledge!

THE PLEDGE:  I know that puppy mills are places of unspeakable and heartbreaking animal suffering.

By signing this pledge I commit to help end puppy mills by:

  1. Thinking carefully before getting a dog.
  2. Choosing wisely and only from an ethical source such as a humane society, SPCA or rescue group.
  3. Loving the dog I have chosen deeply and for life.
  4. Educating my friends and family about puppy mills.

If you encounter a puppy mill in your search for a dog you will probably want to rescue one of the dogs.  By taking the following actions you can help shut the place down and rescue all of the dogs from a life of suffering and misery:

  • Take photos of the facility and the individual dogs, especially those that appear sick or injured
  • Document everything – how many dogs you saw, what breeds, what the facility smelled like, what it sounded like
  • Contact your local humane society, SPCA or police immediately and provide them with all of your documentation.


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What's a puppy mill?

Puppy mills are inhumane breeding operations that churn out as many puppies as possible, as quickly and cheaply as possible.

That means filthy, crowded cages, minimal human contact, little or no veterinary care, and unspeakable suffering for the dogs bred in these places.

Learn more about puppy mills here.

By “liking” CFHS on Facebook and following the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) on Twitter, you’ll help spread the buzz about this campaign, which means we’ll reach more potential pet buyers with essential information about the cruel puppy mill industry and how to make sure they don’t end up supporting it.

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Do you have a story to share about your experience looking for, choosing, buying, or adopting a dog? Whether your story has a happy or a sad ending, we encourage you to share! You can help other Fido-seekers avoid making the same mistakes you may have made, and set a positive example by highlighting the things you did right. Submit your story in words or in video format

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Every dollar you contribute to the CFHS to support this campaign will help us get the facts on this website into the hands of more potential dog buyers. That means fewer dogs being bought from irresponsible breeders and cruel puppy mills.

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We want to continually improve this campaign, so we need to know how well it’s working so far. If you planned to buy a dog before visiting this site and you have now changed your mind about where you will get that dog, please let us know.

Click this button to declare that, since visiting, you have changed your mind now plan to adopt from an animal shelter or rescue group, OR to buy directly from a breeder who you will make sure meets all of the good breeder criteria listed on this website.

Every click indicates a diverted purchase of a dog from a pet store, puppy mill, or irresponsible breeder.


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