Langley puppy mill bust one of largest in BC’s history

seized-puppy-mill-dogThursday, February 4, 2016 – BC SPCA has just undertaken one of the largest puppy mill busts in the history of the province. The organization seized 66 dogs from a disreputable breeder operating in Langley, BC on Feb 4. The 32 adult dogs and 34 puppies were in terrible shape – several were missing eyes or ears and had fur that was matted with urine and feces. The BC SPCA says that nursing these dogs back to health will costs tens of thousands of dollars.

The puppy mill business is a lucrative one, and it’s our moral obligation to ensure we’re not supporting disreputable breeders. This particular couple in Langley was selling puppies for $1000 each, and one woman who bought a puppy from them reports that she has already spent more than $2000 on vet bills because the puppy’s health is so poor thanks to irresponsible breeding and neglect.

At CFHS, our motto is Choose Adoption. The only way to ensure you’re not supporting a puppy mill is to adopt an animal from a humane society or SPCA. If you plan to buy a dog instead, make sure you choose a reputable and responsible breeder. Take the time to visit the breeding operation and ask to see not just the puppies, but the breeding pair, as well. CLICK HERE to read over our checklist of questions to ask breeders before committing to a puppy.


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