My Beloved Furbabies

I love Boston Terriers!!

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I have always wanted one and when I finally started searching, I found it was quite difficult  to find one. They were not that popular 12 years ago and, unfortunately, dogs' popularity can be fueled by what dogs are popular in the movies (eg. A few years back many celebrities were toting Chihuahuas around and they became the “IN” thing. Unfortunately many ended up in pounds when the phase blew over.)

Well back to my story.It seemed that Bostons could be found at pet stores and I saw a sweet 'lil one in Ontario while vacationing but I opted not to buy because of what I had heard about the puppy mill business. It is hard to resist the temptationto save the little guys!  But if we buy into that these mills will continue to exist! So be strong – in fact, don't even go there looking for one!

I finally found an unexpected add in the newspaper about a litter of Bostons. Now, I know this can also be a front for puppy mills so do the homework!  When I called she said all 5 pups were gone. She had 2 dogs that she would breed from time to time and she said she'd put me on a list for the next time she had a litter.

A year later, she called and told me to come and pick one out from the litter!  Make sure you see where the puppies are from. She showed me the mom, dad and litter. We spent time talking to her, asking questions about health problems, etc. We picked out a male pup from the litter and 8 weeks later we brought Kermit home!  He was such a wonderful addition to our family and, except for the occasional ear allergy (which was soon fixed by switching his food), he was in very good health.

Two years later we called the breeder again and a year after that, we added Daisy Darling to our family!  They have been such a source of joy in our family. Unfortunately this past Dec our beloved Kermit passed away and we miss him so much, but Daisy is still with us and hopefully has a few more years to go! Dogs are such wonderful animals and all I can say is please “do the homework before buying!”  We need to end abuse and stop puppy mills!


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