My rescues

Rescuing a dog is a win-win.

Whether we are removing a lonely soul from the solitude of a dog run at the local shelter, or freeing up a foster spot for the next dog in line desperately awaiting rescue, by adopting a dog, we are not only opening up a new world for them, we are opening up a new world for ourselves.

Kimber and Echo

My first dog came from a local SPCA. I had made it clear to my boyfriend (now my husband), that it was not sensible for us to adopt a big dog, and/or a dog prone to excessive shedding. We were young, inexperienced, living in a rented apartment. At one point during our tour of the SPCA, we walked by a terrified white lab mix who was cowering in the back corner of his run. We left that day without a dog and did not return for another month. When we did, that white lab mix was still there, and more terrified than ever. We decided to take him out for a walk, and he ended up coming home with us – all 75 pounds of him and his thick, white, relentlessly shedding coat. Five years later, he is still nervous and wary of strangers, but when I see him digging a hole in the sand, chasing another dog or splashing around in the water, my heart swells with pride knowing that this once terrified and emaciated shell without a friend in the world is now able to act like a dog.

My second dog came from a local rescue, Catahoula Rescue Ontario, through which I have had the pleasure of fostering several dogs. She is a German shepherd/Newfoundland mix who was going to be shot by her owner because she jumped too much. After a few years with us, she still has insatiable energy, still jumps on guests, pulls on her leash, and torments our now aging lab, but she is the most loving and loyal companion I could ever ask for.  She makes us laugh daily and has enriched our lives immensely.

Rescued dogs: we take them home, and while they get to eat regular, nutritious meals without fear of competition or of the availability of the next morsel of food, we get to watch and take pride as they gain weight and develop a healthy, shiny coat. While they get to explore the neighbourhood on walks and meet new friends at the local dog park, we get to exercise, meet new people, and enjoy some fresh air. While they get to nudge you with their cold wet noses and fulfill their desires for human touch and companionship, we get to feel what unconditional love is like.

Adopting a dog is both selfless, and selfish in the best way possible. Rescue a dog, and see for yourself!


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