NB says no to pets in public housing

The New Brunswick government has notified residents of public housing that they must get rid of their pets by February 23rd or find somewhere else to live. The no-pet policy has been in place for some time, but the government only recently decided to enforce it.  Read more:

This situation in New Brunswick has spurred public outrage, with petitions circulating and Facebook pages sprouting up calling on the government to back off on this anti-pet policy. In other provinces across Canada, no-pet policies are rampant and it is very difficult to find rental housing for pet owners. It is time to recognize the role that pets play in our society and in our lives.

It”s shocking that in 2012, pets are still considered disposable. For responsible pet owners, their animals are cherished family members that enrich their lives in many different ways. The benefits of the human-animal bond have been well documented for years.


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