New Puppy

I just wanted to share this story. My mum is a 66 year old retired lady. She has 2 cats but hasn't had a dog in years and has always missed having one. She's not overly mobile so I never thought a dog was a good idea and I kept telling her that. But she has her own mind and as the rare saying goes – you can't tell a Heinz pickle nothin'. Why? Because it just doesn't listen!

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Anyway – she decided she wanted a Papillon – because they don't require a lot of exercise and she has a big, safe backyard. She told me she could get one for $1500. Now, she's on a pension and doesn't have that much money so I thought this was ridiculous. I encouraged her to ask around and see if there might be one that needed rescuing. She did inquire around and found a breeder who had a one year old Papillon that did not sell – he's kind of unfriendly and skittish. She let my mother have him. Now he's in a good home and seems to be pretty happy. I figure it was a good thing to encourage. She loves the dog and the companionship.


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