NWT breeder found not guilty of animal cruelty

A woman in Hay River, NWT, who kept over 100 dogs in questionable living conditions, was found not guilty of all animal cruelty charges laid against her under Canada’s archaic Criminal Code.

The dogs were discovered last summer in an RCMP raid of Linda Hobson’s property, where witnesses had reported seeing dogs in cages with several centimetres of feces, others on short tethers, water with algae. One dog was wearing a collar that had become embedded into its neck. More than 2 dozen dogs, most of them puppies, were seized and euthanized due to untreated health and behavioural problems.

There are 2 major lessons from this case:

  1. Anyone looking for a puppy from a breeder must thoroughly check out the breeder’s facilities and treatment of their dog.
  2. The animal cruelty section of Canada’s Criminal Code is woefully inadequate to protect animals from mistreatment. We know from previous cases that it is nearly impossible to secure convictions under the Criminal Code for animal neglect – even when animals have been starved to death.

Visit to learn more, and to demand the federal government improve Canada’s archaic animal cruelty law


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