It took me approximately 2 years to choose the dog that would be mine. I had spent 5 years before that pondering if I should get a dog and yearning for a dog but in the last 2 years I can say for certain the yearning got overwhelming for me. The research I did and the decisions I had to make about my dog was huge. I had to convince my husband that we should have a dog and once that was done I had to convince myself that it was just not a yearning, but that I could handle the responsibility that came with dog ownership.

After looking at many breeds, I decided on the American Cocker Spaniel, but where to find a breeder that I could trust was the next big issue. All the girls in the office knew I wanted a dog because I had talked their ears off about it so much and one day a colleague at work saw an ad on Kijiji for a litter of spaniels and sent the link to me. I opened the link and read the ad, called the number and set up an appointment. The owner told me that there were only 2 boys left out of the litter of 7 and gave me an open invitation to come and look around the property and see the mother and father of the pups. Upon arrival I found 2 beautiful puppy spaniels 12 weeks old and I was instantly smitten. I was given a tour of the home and met the mother and father. I felt very good about the surroundings and had a great rapport with the owners. After a very long visit (they were very nice and let us stay about 2 hrs) I decided on my puppy and left with Phin.

I already had a name picked out and had decided that I wanted a male. I sat in the back seat with Phin on the way home and have to tell you I was so nervous, the first night Phin slept under the bed and I made my husband get up in the middle of the night to remove the mattress off our king size bed just to get Phin as he would not come out when I called him. I knew he had to go to the bathroom and needless to say he did not want to go to the bathroom he just wanted to sleep. We still laugh about that first night to this day and how ridiculous I had been.

Having a dog has changed my life in so many ways and my kids still can’t believe it. Even my husband, who was a little standoffish at the beginning, has fallen in love with Phin. He is a pleasant good natured dog who is very spoiled but very loved. I can honestly say that this is the best decision I have made and he has brought so much love into my life and can’t even remember life without him. To see abused dogs just tears my heart out.


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