Rowdy the Rescue

What a little love and patience can do!


Well…I had one Yorkie. I didn’t want any more dogs. Our life was planned, organized and peaceful. Then I got an email from Okanagan Small Dog Rescue – a Yorkie needed transport and possible foster care. “It will only be a couple weeks” An abandoned Yorkie lived in a drug house with backyard breeders, exposed to drugs, smoke, and then left in a Trailer Park in the middle of winter. I picked up a skinny, very smelly, shrieking little dog – and wondered what in the world am I doing? I made a ccommitment that day and I would never turn back. We have had our Rowdy boy for 2 years now and we love him to bits! Not to say we haven’t had our ‘moments’ and we have been tested, but nothing more than we can handle. We are proud of that, and proud of our little guy! We need to stop ‘Backyard Breeding’!


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