Why Dogs Run Away From You And How To Prevent It

We trust it never transpires, yet consistently, numerous mutts escape from even the most mindful and cherishing proprietors. Counteraction is vital to dodging this tragic situation. Peruse on to gain proficiency with the most widely recognized reasons hounds flee, and how to keep your own dearest pet safe. Our canines love us, isn’t that so? In any event they sure act like it. So it’s difficult for us to envision why our canine would need to leave a protected, warm, dry home where he gets feed a few times each day, love, consideration, toys, treats, and so on. It seems like doggy paradise.

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Help Us Stop Puppy Mills

puppy mills
How can you get involved and show you care?  Your VERY FIRST step is to sign the End Puppy Mills Pledge!

THE PLEDGE:  I know that puppy mills are places of unspeakable and heartbreaking animal suffering.

By signing this pledge I commit to help end puppy mills by:

  1. Thinking carefully before getting a dog.
  2. Choosing wisely and only from an ethical source such as a humane society, SPCA or rescue group.
  3. Loving the dog I have chosen deeply and for life.
  4. Educating my friends and family about puppy mills.

If you encounter a puppy mill in your search for a dog you will probably want to rescue one of the dogs.  By taking the following actions you can help shut the place down and rescue all of the dogs from a life of suffering and misery:

  • Take photos of the facility and the individual dogs, especially those that appear sick or injured
  • Document everything – how many dogs you saw, what breeds, what the facility smelled like, what it sounded like
  • Contact your local humane society, SPCA or police immediately and provide them with all of your documentation.
What’s a puppy mill?Puppy mills are inhumane breeding operations that churn out as many puppies as possible, as quickly and cheaply as possible.

That means filthy, crowded cages, minimal human contact, little or no veterinary care, and unspeakable suffering for the dogs bred in these places.

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Share this website with anyone you know who is thinking of getting a dog. It will put straight into their hands the crucial knowledge and tools they need to decide if they are ready to own a dog, to pick the right dog for them, and to adopt or buy a dog from a responsible, humane source.

Every click indicates a diverted purchase of a dog from a pet store, puppy mill, or irresponsible breeder.

Thank you Technobark for supporting our campaign!

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